To create PURPOSEFUL CONNECTIONS between WHERE things come from and the PEOPLE who LOVE them. To share my wholehearted belief that wool has the ability to HEAL, WARM & DELIGHT. To connect with people who adore those special DAYS SPENT SLOW DANCING with the things that bring them TRUE HAPPINESS. There is a world of INSPIRATION & JOY that fuels KINDNESS & CREATIVITY in all of us, and my hope is that Wool days is a source of inspiration & joy for those WHO LOVE GOOD WOOL.

Megan Elizabeth


Good Wool

Our wool is single origin and breed specific, sourced directly from responsible & passionate Australian sheep farmers and processed in mills with strict environmental benchmarks.

Our yarns are designed to highlight the unique characteristics of the breed of wool – with carefully considered ply, weight, twist and colours – so that you may create beautiful, enduring and practical items.

Through our elegant production model we hope to simplify the story of ‘where stuff comes from’ by fostering a connection between farmer (& sheep) and those who love good wool. Read the full story of each sheep breed we choose to work with.

Our Business

Wool days is infused with the desire to contribute to a more responsible understanding & use of the remarkable planet on which we live. We take the responsibility of running a business very seriously, and ensure that every aspect we choose to include in the business is carefully considered.

We source our materials from the very beginning of their life cycle, and aim to see that they have a clear, happy and sustainable path all the way through until the end of their life cycle. We always do our best, and are constantly reimagining & improving upon our best.

Our packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled Australian paper; we manage our business entirely online to ensure maximum efficiency & minimal dependence on physical resources; and we have designed and implemented a pilot program which eliminates shipping & packaging waste.

Wool Days

My wants are simple, and they are grand – give me good wool & only my imagination to please. A pot of floral tea, an open fire, hand knitted socks on my feet and a rolling view out the window would also be nice, but are not essential.

Wool days are unique – a treasured time to honour our passions. Everyone has their own special ingredients for elevating their day (or hour, or afternoon, or moment) to Wool days’ level, but essentially they are a celebration of the creative process and all it’s inspiring, thought provoking, honest & humble ways.

wool days loop bags wool days loop bags
Loop Bags are part of our solution to minimise single-use packaging.

Loop Bags

There is a massive wooly elephant in the room of online shopping – SHIPPING. How do we get things to you without sending any waste (single use packaging)? Loop Bags are our answer, a very carefully considered system that is built upon beauty, simplicity and people’s willingness to actively participate in more sustainable solutions. They are made locally from organic canvas, are lockable and have been weather proofed with local beeswax.

We pop an order of wool inside, send them off to you in the post as normal, you delight in receiving such a cool package in the mail, take your wool out and then you send the bag back to us (just drop it in any mail box free of charge) for us to reuse for another order! While we continue to test and refine our Loop Bag system, orders will be sent in tubes made from 100% post consumer Australian recycled cardboard (designed to our specs so there is zero wasted space) and they are totally reusable (& excellent for storing yarn in).