Miss Cuddles

This winter we were a family of 5 – me, my man and our 3 cute-as-a-button hot water bottles. Each night was the same blissful thing, hot chocolates by the fire then off to bed for a snuggle.

Until this winter, I was a hot water bottle user when I needed to be (they’re awesome for camping), but not a hot water bottle lover. They tend to smell kind of funky, they’re either too hot or lukewarm and they’re a little awkward to hold – not a recipe for a good relationship.

But this winter was different. We had our Scout hot water bottle covers – fondly known ’round these parts as Miss Cuddles – and I became a (slightly obsessive) hot water bottle lover. The covers transformed our practical but uninspiring hotties into totally huggable, totally gorgeous, totally warm-but-not-too-hot champions. And when we wake up in the morning they’re still warm (because cosy wool is such a good insulator and not just a pretty face).

wool days miss cuddles knit crochet pattern hot water bottle cover on bed with wool blanket

Our ‘Miss Cuddles’ pattern booklet includes 3 separate patterns exploring the same beautiful hot water bottle cover silhouette. The cover fits a regular 2-litre hot water bottle.

For the knitters we have:

L3: CABLE Honeycomb & Braid

And for the crochet lovers we have:

L3: CABLE Charted

Being of simple construction and design, our Miss Cuddles knit + crochet pattern series is a fantastic way to progress your yarn craft skills as you work your way through the patterns. They’re also a fun project on their own if you find a particular pattern calling your name. And because you’re making something to keep you warm & cuddle as much as possible, the wool’s personality really shines through – so make sure you use something soft & friendly.

I hope you enjoy making warm memories with your own Miss Cuddles hot water bottle cover as much as we have.

Megan xx