We’re obsessed with wool.

WE MAKE heirloom craft yarns from local & sustainable merino wool
FOR those as infatuated with creating for beauty & functionality as we are
BECAUSE materials matter - through them we find joy in the making & love in the wearing

Wool days merino wool sheep drawing

Local Resources & Making:

We believe in the power of local. To create valuable connections, resilient communities and reduce the impact of moving things from A to B. The resources it takes to make a journey and the inefficiencies inherent in transport can far outweigh any efficiencies gained along the way. So we went tight with our supply chain. We work with local farmers, spinners and knitters to create world-class products that support our community by keeping the value and expertise local.

Life-Cycle Impact:

Good wool is high-tech/low-tech. It has fantastic naturally occurring features (high-tech) and requires minimal processing to get the most out of the fibre (low-tech). It’s a renewable resource when managed with care, but like most things, it gets moved, processed, and washed throughout its life cycle. So we track these things and while constantly working to improve efficiencies & reduce impacts, we invest in positive actions to help compensate for our negatives.

Wool days drawing impact footprint
Wool days positive action drawing small plant

Positive Action:

We believe sustainability is about understanding impact and taking action, and working towards a more ethical, sustainable and connected business is a daily habit we embrace with enthusiasm. But we also want to contribute to the bigger picture, so we donate a percentage of our sales to the Australian Conservation Foundation - an incredible community of action takers committed to protecting our environment for all.

The name’s Wool. Good Wool.

Wool is naturally awesome - all it’s high tech features are built right into the fibre. So we keep our processing to a minimum and our designs adaptable to allow the clever, hug-loving fibre to shine:

Oh So Soft: we use fine merino wool in all our products, so wearing them next to your skin is like being wrapped in a cloud - nothing feels better.

So Fresh & So Clean: wool is antimicrobial, so odour causing bacteria has no chance to build up - more wear and less wash.

Roasty Toasty: all the tiny pockets of air trapped in our yarn act as insulation, so it’s cool, but also warm.

Just Breathe: wool happily absorbs & releases moisture to keep you dry & comfortable, no matter the weather.

Campfire Companion: wool is flame retardant – it will char and put itself out once removed from a flame, rather than burn.

Full Circle: wool is biodegradable, it comes from the land and goes right back there when done.

Bend & Stretch: wool loves to move – it can be bent 20,000 times before it shows signs of weakening (compared to 3,000 for cotton) and can stretch up to 60% of its length & happily return to form when released. This makes it really hard to wrinkle something made from wool and will last until happily ever after.