The Rib Scarf

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A little longer & a little wider than your average scarf so it can pretty much do anything and look good.

★  Lightweight, unisex, ribbed scarf
★  Super soft Australian merino wool
★  Yarn processed in Japan
★  Knit with zero-waste technology in Victoria


Buy stuff you love.
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I’m super easy to love:
★  Store flat 
★  Gentle handwash in cold water
★  Lay flat and reshape to dry
★  Take me out to all the best places


Why wool?
Wool is naturally awesome - all the high tech features are built right into the fibre. So we keep our processing to a minimum to allow the clever, adaptive, hug-loving fibre to shine:

  • Oh so soft: we use fine merino wool in all our products, so wearing them next to your skin is like being wrapped in a cloud - nothing feels better. 
  • So fresh and so clean: wool is antimicrobial, so odour causing bacteria has no chance to build up - more wear and less wash. 
  • Roasty toasty: all the tiny pockets of air trapped in our yarn act as insulation, so it’s cool, but also warm. 
  • Just breathe: wool happily absorbs & releases moisture to keep you dry & comfortable, no matter the weather. 
  • Campfire companion: wool is flame retardant – it will char and put itself out once removed from a flame, rather than burn. 
  • Full circle: wool is biodegradable, it comes from the land and goes right back there when done.
  • Bend and stretch: wool loves to move – it can be bent 20,000 times before it shows signs of weakening (compared to 3,000 for cotton) and can stretch up to 60% of its length & happily return to form when released. This makes it really hard to wrinkle something made from wool, and will last until happily ever after.